Self-storage is almost never free of scams. One has to be very careful before selecting a storage unit. Records and surveys show weird kind of frauds people have been facing in dealing with the self-storage facility and the facilitators providing the very service.  The scams include issues related to theft, misplacing of the valuables, compliance with laws and regulations and insurance policies.

Some of the most commonly existing scams in self-storage are related to accounting frauds, auction frauds, credibility issues, insurance related problems and problems arising due to missing the updated information of the client.

This article is meant to summarize some of these scams to help people avoid them.

  1. Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.39.36 amMany operators of the facility under discussion make problems in the accounting of contents of the unit. They either show wrong number in the records and reports, or deceit in selling of the items. The best way to combat this deception is to be very vigilant. Keep an eye on every activity of the operator and make sure you make your own notes to match with him. Note everything down from depositing your assets to taking them back, or selling them, whatever you want to do with them in the end.
  2. Some of the service providers have also been found to be the defaulters of banks or others.  Involving with these kinds of people can create problems for you too. Hence it is important to check the background and credibility of the person you are going to deal with. Hiring a professional removals company can reduce the chances of facing any scams or frauds when moving to and from self storage facilities.
  3. Another major area of scams in self-storage is auction. When storage units are auctioned, the buyers have sometimes found that the boxes were either empty or filled with trash or useless content. Again, a little bit of extra investigation would definitely do good to the buyers to avoid such scam.
  4. Some of the operators even take advantage of wrong contact information. Stories say that people change their locations and often forget to inform the self-storage service providers, and fully capitalizing on the opportunity, their possessions are auctioned out.
  5. A person should always get the insurance while putting his possessions in a storage unit. Because what these people sometimes do is to intentionally damage your stored items. Insurance will make you able to recover from your losses in such scenarios, even if the damage has taken place accidentally.